What is behind all the commotion for the film « A Separation »?

(Note: « A Separation », a film from Islamic republic of Iran, directed by Asghar Farhadi, has been nominated for two Academy Awards and was produced by Pasargad Bank, which is run by Sepah Pasdaran, the Tirana Revolutionary Guard organization which controls most of the economy and industry inside Iran.)

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Every year many films of the same or even higher technical caliber with superior cinematography and much stronger themes than « A Separation” are produced in Europe and America.

Even in comparison with other films produced by the agencies of the Islamic regime, « A Separation » is not noteworthy. There are many similar Iranian films which also deal with family and gender issues within Iranian society governed by the religious ethics and culture of the ruling class rather than focusing on the real issues of “injustice” and « class divisions » and struggle caused by more than three decades of religious dictatorship.

But the unspoken truth is that Iranian society has been deprived of its ethical principals.  Extreme poverty coexists with the promotion of consumer culture – fashion, cars, home decor, cosmetics and the madness of cosmetic surgery.

This deprivation of ethical principles naturally leads to the destruction of family relationships. When a large segment of the population, deprived of everything of value, witnesses the “soaring legendary” life of government officials and their rich thieve allies, the result can only be to develop psychological and family issues

On that note films such as « A Separation » are ordered, financed and produced precisely to deliver messages to motivate and divert the consciousness of society away from the main root of their problems.  Moreover, they mask the truth with religious justifications and false morality. These rules reach an even higher level of absurdity when you realize that people are told via a film like this, that they should refrain from “misunderstanding” and “lies” – by the very ruling regime which only exists because of its lies!

In fact film is used in Iran to promote this absurd morality based on religious hypocritical nonsense.

The why has such a commotion been made by film festivals, media and governments over this film in a manner that there has not been for any previous foreign movie?

In fact, in the history of cinema, one can not find such an expression of  “greeting”, salutation” and “congratulatory sentiments” in receiving “awards” towards any foreign film as there is for « A Separation » from Iran! Congratulations from the French president, government officials and State politicians – even by the American State Department!

It should be noted that the Islamic regime’s “Fajr Film Festival”, already showered this film with “awards” prior to its being nominated for Oscar with Islamic Blessings!

All that raises the question about why everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon for this film.

There is no doubt that the volume of advertising and fake applause reflects the facts that all the commotion over this film has nothing to do with the film. Instead, there are other “important issues” being considered by governments, media and film festival owners

Historically speaking, not long ago, these kinds of awards were reserved for strengthening the position of former president Khatami and the so-called Islamic Reformists but it is different this time.

This film just an excuse by the “Forces of Power” in the global village to momentarily divert the risk of predicted social explosion in Iran as a result of extreme volume and pressure of poverty and misery. An explosion that not only will affect their interests in Iran, but in the region as well.

Moreover, in order to delay the risk of explosion, it is necessary to buy time; and what is better than a dose of false “Joy” and “National Pride” for nomination of an “Iranian Film” for an Oscar to soothe the pressure of insulted and humiliated society. Of course this would feed the hungry children of Iran with the Feast of World Gala

This film, interestingly, has generated bipartisan political dance partners, with the US Secretary of State saying, “Evidence of flexibility and richness of Iranian culture”, and the Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance proclaiming the film provides Iranians with “Iranian-Islamic Pride and Honour”.

However, all the tricks and deceits are the signs of fear of social explosion in Iran – an explosion which will give rise to a real movement among the oppressed and deprived – a real separation. This is the real threat; otherwise, there is no need for all this excitement over this unremarkable film.

The Oscar is not going to save the day for the corrupt Islamic Republic of misery responsible for 33 years of poverty and ruin. The Islamic regime is destined for destruction.

Lila Ghobady

Feb 23th, 2012

Lila Ghobady is an exiled Iranian writer-journalist and documentary filmmaker. She has been involved with human rights since working as a journalist in Iran and has continued her work in Canada where she arrived as a refugee in 2002. Before leaving Iran, she worked as a producer and associate director of internationally praised underground films along fellow exiled filmmaker MoslemMansouri. Her recent film Forbidden Sun Dance has been well received in several countries. As a journalist, she received the title of Blogher of the Week for her Review piece on Slumdog Millionaire in March 2009. Lila received her Master’s degree in Canadian/Women’s studies from Carleton University in Ottawa. For more information, Lila can be contacted by e-mail at: lilacforfreedom@gmail.com.

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